In today's mobile world, saving notes in the car or on the street is inconvenient and impractical. If you have a smartphone, you can try to turn it into voice recorder using many available recording applications. But is your recording application smart and simple enough to use it on a daily basis? Our is.

The idea of creating Voice2Do was born in the head of a professional, who was spending at least 3 hours a day in a car on the way to work. Wouldn't it be great, he thought, to actualy do something useful in a car? How? Well, for example one could prioritize, segregate, edit and delete memos and ideas. But since the use of the written word is dangerous in the car, one have to think about something more convenient, like recording.

Today you can use our application to do voice recordings in a simple and efficient manner. You can use it while driving, search by date, name or category and  listen to previously saved list of things to do. If you want to remember something, just press the record button and start recording things to do such as new tasks, memos, ideas, voice mails, shopping lists, plans, poems, songs or anything you can describe in words. When you are done, press stop button and categorize your recording using predefined tags. Tags will help you quickly find your recording after some time.

The recordings are stored on your memory card in a WAV format that is readable by most computers and players. If you are at work or at the computer you can listen to them, convert them to a different format or a text or simply store them in an archive. While at work you can use our app to record meetings or talks you will have to remember. After hours you can focus on things to do for tomorrow, personal metters, family or some other stuff you wouldn't want to forget about. You can also delete some memos or mark them as done.

Our app is the only one we know that supports BLUETOOTH HEADSET during recording or playback on Android version 1.6 (donut). and later.

You can install the newest version of Voice2Do now through this QR code (help):

If you like this application please buy a professional license. You can activate your professional license from inside of the application using e-mail address that you have used during checkout.

You can buy professional license through PayPal:



Features (free):

  • voice memo recording
  • voice memo playback
  • predefined tags (GTD)
  • bluetooth headset support (recording and playback)
  • filtering by date, name and tag
  • mark as done
  • pause on incoming and outgoing calls
  • import voice memos from memory card
  • quick recording (no tag popup)

Advanced features (professional):

  • editing of user tags
  • editing of system tag colours and names
  • voice quality settings
  • voice encoding settings
  • sending voice memos as emails (requires email app)
  • "mark as done" through quick menu
  • hide "done" things
  • analog VU meter
  • spectrum analyzer (visualization)

Planned features (later):

  • encryption (AES)
  • time frame tags (today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month) integrated with calendar
  • voice commands
  • auto volume level
  • individual audio settings for optimal performance
  • background noise remover
  • call recording
  • skinnable interface