The voice of your phone

Imagine that you are late. You can still make it, but because of high traffic you have to use a motorbike or a scooter to get there. You’ve put your smartphone deep in your pocket, got your gloves and helmet on and you are getting there really fast. Suddenly you feel that your phone is vibrating. Oh, here’s a text message. Maybe, the meeting was postponed? Or maybe it’s dry cleaners? You don’t have time to check this, let’s ride. After a couple of minutes the phone rings. This time somebody is calling you. But who is this? Is it your mum or somebody at work? Maybe you don’t have to hurry? Or maybe …

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who’s calling without looking at the screen?

Wouldn’t it be nice to answer the call only with your voice?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your text message read aloud to you?

It would. That’s why we bring you the Informant.

Informant is smart. It just waits there until something is happening and tells you about it. If somebody’s calling or texting you, Informant will look up his or her number at the phonebook and tell you his or her nick or name. It will read all incoming text messages, but it will never do this when you are on call. It will wait until the call ends. Informant will also read all system notification messages (like calendar event info), that you normally ignore not looking at the screen.

Informant can be discrete and talk only through the headset if you say so. It can happily use bluetooth headset (SCO profile, not necessary A2DP) for communication.

When somebody is calling you, Informant can help you to pick up the call with your voice. All you have to do is to say a keyword and if it matches the pattern Informant will answer.

You don’t have to worry about support for your language. Every spoken word is customizable and if it isn’t right now, it will soon be. Informant is compatible with built-in text-to-speech engine and other engines currently available for Android platform. Speech generation and recognition use your default locale settings.

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Features (free):

  • voice message synthesis
  • bluetooth headset playback
  • information about incoming call
    • caller id (or nickname if defined)
    • custom prefix
  • information about outgoing call
    • caller id (or nickname if defined)
    • custom prefix
  • information about incoming text messages
    • sender id (or nickname if defined)
    • custom prefix
  • text message reading (when not on call)
  • system notification messages reading
  • customizable timeout
  • play only through headset setting
  • answering calls with customizable key word (Android 2.2 only)
  • voice input and output testing
  • system voice and bluetooth settings shortcuts
  • ad supported version

Features (paid):

  • no ads
  • no "Please tap the ad" messages