Synergive company

Established in 2007, Synergive company is a manufacturer of application software for the Internet and mobile devices. These applications significantly simplify the communication and the management of information as well as increase the productivity. 

Synergive focuses on providing innovative solutions that help sales and marketing departments to better and more quickly respond to customer needs. Using knowledge of the consumer decision-making processes Synergive creates tools that enrich the communication with the customer through Java technology and VoIP. Synergive products are easy to use, yet provide business users with complete information necessary for effective communication with the client.

The company addresses its offer to medium and large companies operating in the market for business-to-business and business-to-client.


Synergy giving

Synergive name has been constructed from "synergy" and "give" english words.

The synergy effect comes from the clash of our experience with the technology.  This gives you simple and effective tools for your business.

Our solutions are based on the Java platform and Android systemThese two platforms have enormous potential, which can be observed by analyzing the growth of their market share over the past few years.


New technologies like smartphones, Internet and VoIP enable you to easy connect with your customers. But you also need business experience and knowledge to effectively increase loyality and to lower the costs of customer service.

We are here to help you. We have many years of experience in marketing, sales, customer service as well as in information technology. Our competences have been used by many companies who successfuly implemented different customer oriented solutions.